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Local food at your wedding? Why Not?

Eat Local Grey Bruce
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Interested in having your wedding catered with high-quality local products?

Looking for fresh, local ingredients for your wedding reception? Look no further! Eat Local Grey Bruce provides one-stop shopping for all your local food needs. From veggies to meats, coffee to ice cream, we have the best of Grey Bruce! 

Grey Bruce is pasture country!

Our producers offer pastured chicken, duck, turkey, goose, pheasant, lamb, pork, beef, and bison. The fish isn’t pastured but comes from Manitoulin Island. Have you ever had really fresh vegetables? Picked within hours, not weeks, of when they grace your plate? Our producers harvest to order. Fresh, in-season, delicious! 

Plus, we have teas and coffee, butter and cheese, yogurt and ice cream, eggs, dry goods, fresh-baked bread, honey and maple syrup..the list goes on.

Variety and abundance

Be prepared to be amazed by the variety and abundance produced by local farms!

Our farmer-driven coop makes it easy to celebrate your special day with a meal of local wonders. Connect with our events specialist, who will assist you in assembling your feast. We are happy to work with your caterer or we can help you find great local talent to make your meals magical.

Get in touch today to start planning your delicious, local wedding feast!