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Tips & Tricks for a Happy Wedding Day

Something Blue Team
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Penny in your shoe.

All too often brides and grooms are swept up by the party and forget to celebrate with their special someone. Put a penny in your shoe and each time your toe touches it, find your bride/groom.

Plan your escape.

Agree on a time to leave the party as husband and wife in advance. This makes for a peaceful and elegant departure and helps make sure you don't get stuck on the clean-up crew. 


You have planned for months, maybe even years! Tonight is your night, don't be brought down by questions and concerns. Have a delegated and trustworthy friend who can make the decisions without you. Enjoy this day, it goes by in a blink.

And don't forget your guests. They're here for you but a little goes a long way!

A personal message or thank you from the bride and groom on the back of the order of ceremony to your guests is a beautiful way to recognize their participation in your special day. Use your own words so they know it comes straight from your and not your wedding planner.

Don't clear the dance floor, put on your dancing shoes!

Leave a basket of different sized flip flops by the dance floor for guests. This will ensure your dancing crowd will not be deterred by bothersome blisters and will keep the dance floor full all night long.

Bathroom Kits.

Especially for the ladies, all those items that your guests left behind to make sure that cute little clutch was all she needed. Band-aids, deodorant (spray on for sharing please!), hand sanitizer, perfume or body spray, bobby pins, hairspray, feminine products, stain remover sticks etc. Anything to make little mishaps disappear.