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H&H Picnic Table Rentals
Kemble, Ontario, Canada

H&H Picnic Table Rentals is a new, locally owned business that has been working hard to build quality picnic tables for your special event. Give us a call, text or email for a free quote, or just to discuss our different options. 

Over the last few years we have noticed a demand for special event picnic tables. So here we are, and we're delivering with great service anywhere in the Grey/Bruce/Huron and surronding area. 

Since we built our first picnic table, we are all about giving you and your guests a clean, sturdy table where you can sit comfortably and enjoy your event. 

All of our tables are made from Sienna brown pressure treated wood, giving them the look of cedar but are economical and require less maintenance.

We have classic 6' Picnic Tables as well as versatile Picnic tables with Benches. Also, new this year we have 8' Harvest Tables with separate benches. 

Classic 6' Picnic Tables

Our Classic 6' Picnic Tables are just a regular picnic table. They made from Sienna brown pressure treated wood. They are built with a 2'X4' frame, a 2'X6' table top, and a 2'X10' bench. 


6' Picnic Table with separate Benches

The Picnic Tables with separte benches are just that. They are the same as our Classic Picnic Table except the benches are not attached to the table. Therefore people may pull them closer to the table or have them back further, whatever is their preference.

319462 Grey Road 1
Kemble, Ontario, N0H 1S0